STRiX is the electric military enduro bike that YOU can buy

The STRiX electric enduro motorcycle uses military-grade materials, and has more performance than any traditional enduro bike


STRiX eMotors’ new electric bike is intended for military use, and produces almost 100bhp, putting it clear of any of its traditional competition in terms of performance.

STRiX says its bike has been tested by militaries of NATO members, and the US Navy. STRiX eMotors, the manufacturer of the bike, was also invited to demonstrate its motorcycle to the Slovenian and Estonian defence ministries. Yet, you can order one for yourself.

You will need €19,800, or around £17,000 (at time of writing), which is not a small figure, but what you get for that is claimed as the highest-performance hard enduro bike in the world.

Certainly, its claimed statistics stand out, with 95bhp and 774lb ft (1,050Nm) of torque. These outputs can power the STRiX, which weighs in at 118kg, to a top speed of 125kph, or 78mph. 

For reference, the Stark Varg electric motocross bike was noted for its performance statistics of 80bhp and 691lb ft (938Nm). The Varg weighs the same as the STRiX, 118kg, and its performance on its highest settings has been regarded as difficult to manage by those who have ridden it, such as professional test rider Kris Keefer and former professional racer Nick Wey who both spoke on a podcast with PulpMX host Steve Matthes about their experience testing the Varg.

The STRiX has the same weight as the Varg, but even more performance. It is also intended for hard enduro scenarios, compared to the motocross focus of the Varg. 

One of the issues with electric dirt bikes, generally speaking, is that they cannot last long enough on one charge, and then recharging takes too long. The STRiX has a claimed “intense riding” time of 80 minutes, according to STRiX eMotors, and charging is claimed to take between 10 (with a combined charging system, or CCS) and 75 minutes (with an AC charger).

Image credit: STRiX.