Malham Show tries a Junior Kickstart revival

After posting the other week about much we all missed Kick Start, motorcycle trials took place at the Malham Show in what they describe as a Junior Kickstart Trials competition

Malham Show tries a Junior Kickstart revival

MOTORCYCLE sport returned to the Malham Agricultural Show on Saturday after a lapse of almost three decades. Showing how popular the sport is with the public, and how much it needs to make a comeback.

It all started a couple of weeks ago when the Bradford Motor Club was invited to stage a youth motorcycle trials demonstration based on the televised Junior Kick Start programme.

The club staged event with 12 girls and boys tackling a tricky course of small and large obstacles on petrol and electric trials motorcycles. The timing was set for 10.30am, 12.30pm and 2.30 pm. Two sections of different severity were set up.

According to the Craven Herald, the course was packed with spectators watching the action. With crowds of four or five people deep lining the more technical sections of the course. Let hope that some bright spark at a TV company was at the event and makes the move to get competitive trials back on terrestrial TV.

All the riders were presented with a medallion and a tee-shirt. Jacob Reeday won his class then ran the fell race with his brother. Each class was observed as a normal trial, with points being added to the rider's score for dabs of the foot or more serious fouls.

The event was put on with the assistance of Oset, makers of the 24.0 Racing electric trials bike we tried out earlier this year. Check out that video review in the clip below.

OSET 24.0 Racing (Adult) Bike Review 2019

Picture from the Craven Herald