Indian’s FTR1200 proves wheelie good at wheelies!

A standard Indian FTR1200 has broken records at the World Wheelie Championships this week after clocking 145mph!

Bubba Myers

AMERICAN stunt rider Bubba Myres has entered the record books along with Indian’s new FTR1200 at the World Wheelie Championships in the UK.

The event sees competitors from a varying number of classes competing to see who can ride the fastest or furthest – hopefully both – all while balancing the bike on just its back wheel.

The bike that Bubba completed his runs on was a bone-stock FTR1200, with apparently zero modifications. Not bad when you consider in his first run, he topped out at 131mph over the measured mile! With the number board removed – we guess that it was preventing him from getting the bike to the balance point – Bubba (wicked name BTW) managed an eyewatering 145.543mph to get the flying start ¼ mile record, going on to hit 145.613mph, bagging him the standing mile record in the process.

We have no footage of the runs Bubba made on the FTR1200 but here’s a vid of him touching 207mph on one wheel!

Bubba, who was racing in the upto 1350cc, production bike class said:

“This has been a really positive introduction to the FTR. The bike was pretty much standard compared to everything else out there this weekend, so to set the speeds I did shows how much potential there is. The balance of the bike is really good, but I was most impressed by the engine; Its torque is really impressive and within just a couple of passes I was super comfortable with it. We’re pleased to begin the FTR’s story with some records in the bag too. A big thanks to Indian Motorcycle Company for the support, I hope we’re back next year.”

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