Injury Update: Ken Roczen Cleared To Ride

Following a serious injury in Monster Energy Supercross, HRC's Ken Roczen is officially cleared to ride again

Injury Update: Ken Roczen Cleared To Ride

By Adam Simpson

MOTOCROSS superstar Ken Roczen has been cleared by his doctor to ride again following a serious supercross crash.

The HRC rider sustained a compound fracture of the radius plus a dislocated elbow and wrist in a crash at Monster Energy Supercross at Anaheim, California. 

As countless surgeries were graphically documented across Roczen's social media feed, some fans were beginning to wonder whether the young dirt biking phenomenon would make a full recovery.

News of his return to fitness came in a tweet on Honda Powersport's official feed.

To the joy of his fans, Roczen then confirmed the news on his instagram channel with this post below, saying 'Don't call it a come back. I never left!'


Don't call it a come back. I never left! @honda_powersports_us @redbull @shiftmx @stancesocks #team94

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In a later Instagram post, Roczen explained how he received the good news. 'We got a call from Dr. Viola a couple nights ago with the green light to be able to ride on the turn track. Those unexpected words gave such a smile and the pure feeling of happiness. We immediately made about 10 calls in 10 min to tell some of my people that I needed a bike and gear TOMORROW!!!!!!!'

Blake Savage, Ken Roczen's trainer, wrote on Instagram: 'Never say never! You should have seen the smile on this guy's face today. Proud you of you and all the hard work you put in!'

Roczen has said he hopes to be on the start line for the opening round of the 2018 supercross season. 

In case you need a reminder of the crash that put Roczen out for the season, here's the video.