How many bones do you have to break to become a Guinness World Record holder?

A lot, according to motorcycle stunt rider Dan Whitby

BOLDDOGS Freestyle Motocross Team have balls.

And now they have Two Guinness World Records to prove it.

Dan Whitby and Arran Powley pull off dangerous, gravity-defying stunts together, and have now set not one, but two Team Guinness World Records.

The first is the Most Motorcycle Heel Clickers in One Minute – the easier of the two tricks according to Whitby because you don’t have to let go of the bike.

The second, the Most Motorcycle Superman Seat Grab Jumps in one minute was much harder, said Powley, owing to the fact that they had to let go of and re-catch the bike each time.

Speaking after the feat, Whitby said: ‘It's a real honour to be Guinness World Records title holders. We enjoy doing the records and are really glad that we managed to achieve good numbers’

But is their profession dangerous? Arguably so. Whitby has broken his thumb, both collar bones, both humorous bones, scapula, teeth and the c3 vertebrae in his neck. Ouch!