'A Freeride Motocross Paradise' in Death Valley

Red Bull and former motocross pro, Tom Parsons, take on The Valley

WHERE'S the best off-road location to rip up? Well, Death Valley could be the top of that list after this.

Red Bull and Tom Parsons have brought us this clip showing us what it's like to experience freeriding in 'The Valley'.

The former supercross pro explains:

"For me, freeriding is so much more than building a jump in the hills or sending a 150-foot booter in the sand dunes. To me, it’s the experience, a freedom nothing else in the world can provide. It’s just insane to me that at this time in history, I not only get to explore places millions of people would love to visit, but I get to take my dirt bike and ride the evolving environment of places like the Dumont Dunes of Death Valley.

"My goal in this project was to pay homage to this place and tell people a little bit of its history, hoping to shed light on why it’s so unique. As a freerider, I’m here to encourage people to get out there and experience the Dunes because there isn’t anything like it on Earth."

Inspired enough yet?