Zero Motorcycles plans "introduction of new models"

Zero Motorcycles has announced the closure of a round of financing that has raised $107 million, which it intends to use to introduce new models.

Zero DSR/X parked in woods

Zero Motorcycles has announced the closing of a $107 million round of financing aimed at scaling up the company and introducing new models.

Zero is one of the standout brands globally for exclusively electric motorcycles. Their range includes adventurers like the DSR/X, nsked bikes like the SR/F, and multiple other options in between. 

The brand, based in the US, has completed a new round of financing which “saw participation from strategic partners Polaris, Exor and Hero MotoCorp and financial investors including long-time backer Invus and other undisclosed investors,” Zero says. 

Zero has now raised over $500 million of capital, and this latest round of financing will be used to scale the company’s globally operations and “introduce new models,” the manufacturer says. 

What exactly those new models will be remains unclear, of course. The biggest European brand for electric bikes is Energica, whose specialism is in more high-end, exclusive motorcycles than Zero, but it is not an area which is totally out of reach for the American brand.

“Since its launch in a Santa Cruz garage, Zero has defined the category of premium electric motorcycles and powertrain,”  said Sam Paschel, Chief Executive Officer of Zero Motorcycles. “Zero has sold over 20,000 vehicles that have accumulated over 165,000,000 miles of on-road and off-road experience. 

“Zero has refined the most advanced powertrain technology between e-bicycles and cars driven by its Cypher III operating system. The company has also built an innovative, global brand that is highly respected in the industry.

“This financing will fund the global scaling of our operations and sales and the development of additional new models to continue driving our rapid growth. We welcome our strategic partners and new investors to our syndicate and are grateful to Invus for their steadfast support and commitment to Zero’s vision and mission.”

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