Yamaha Motor looks to create "Kando" with SXSW 2023 installation

Yamaha Motor has collaborated with Yamaha Corporation for its SXSW 2023 installation, which will seek to create an experience of Kando.

Yamaha SXSW 2023 installation prototype

Yamaha has announced it will be displaying an art exhibit at the South X Southwest (SXSW) convention in Austin, Texas next month.

The South X Southwest (SXSW) convention is one which brings together music, film, comedy, and much more in a week-or-so-long event. 

Yamaha’s exhibit will be held during the Creative Industries Expo segment of SXSW which will take place between 12-15 March. 

The display is actually a collaboration, between Yamaha Motor and Yamaha Corporation, and is called "What revs your heart and makes waves?". There is also a third collaborator, Dr. Mark Changizi, and a fourth, Shinsuke Shimojo from the California Institute of Technology.

It is an interactive artwork, requires people to interact with it, and is designed to create an experience of Kando, which is a Japanese word “for the simultaneous feelings of deep satisfaction and intense excitement that we experience when we encounter something of exceptional value,” Yamaha says. The experience is created by communication between the two people interacting with the artwork. The communication itself is non-verbal, but seemingly sent between the two users via the use of the artwork. 

Yamaha says “The team is working together to explore how to further clarify the essences of the experience itself through science and art as well as how it can be reproduced.” The idea of the installation is to combine science and art to make progress in the team’s research.

More about SXSW can be found on sxsw.com.

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