Vmoto Super Soco to develop big electric motorcycles under new global brand

Vmoto Super Soco is set to unveil a all-new brand at the 2021 EICMA show that will offer large 'premium' electric motorcycles in Europe and globally


Vmoto Super Soco is set to undergo a major expansion with the launch of an all-new brand that will develop and sell large electric motorcycles on a global scale.

The company, which has its origins in Australia but assembles a range of electric low-displacement motorcycles and scooters in China, has become one of the most notable players in the rapidly growing electric mobility segment both domestically and in Europe.

Now it is preparing an all-new venture that will see it shift focus towards developing larger, more powerful motorcycles that will rival mainstream brands across the world.

It will do this via the launch of a new brand, which Motorrad reports, will be unveiled at the EICMA show in Milan later this month.

To herald this launch, it is understood the motorcycle exhibition will also set the stage of the as-yet-unknown brand’s inaugural motorcycle.

Details remain unclear as to what size or power these models will adopt, but Vmoto Super Soco wants to push into the ‘premium’ end of the scale, while no doubt retaining the value ethos of its Chinese-manufacturing background.

Is Super Soco expansion a big deal?

In short, yes.

While the predicted onslaught of Chinese models in Europe hasn’t quite gathered pace yet, it is happening slowly with companies like CFMoto, Zontes and Voge all making in-roads over the last 12 months.

Though general scepticism for Chinese-manufactured motorcycles at the loftier end of the market is still taking its toll on customer opinion, at the lower end of the displacement market Chinese brands or Chinese built models largely dominate now, with Super Soco one of the biggest in the electric scooter segment.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean royalties await this new brand when it does launch, it is significantly establishing itself in a burgeoning market that - by decree of government-led regulations - is certain to grow exponentially over the next few years.

While the preview touts premium, it is believable to assume these new models will stand to undercut the opposition, the significance of which will be crucial to the consumer as it will ultimately drive down prices of electric models.

So while Super Soco might be forced to braced for growing pains as it establishes both its reputation and waits for the market to swing towards it, at a time when most mainstream brands are still stuttering over which angle from which to tackle the green issue, the Aussie-Sino firm might have ridden out the ‘electric storm’ already.

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