Victory Motorcycles target India

Victory plans surprise move into the subcontinent

VICTORY MOTORCYCLES will be on sale in India by the end of 2013, according to Victory owners, Polaris Industries. 

Details are hazy, as Polaris are as yet unwilling to discuss retail strategy or pricing schemes. Polaris India Managing Director Pankaj Dubey said: 'We have decided to launch [Victory Motorcycles] in the market by the end of 2013'.

Mr Dubey did confirm that the first bike to hit the market will be from Victory's range of crusiers.

The news that the high-end American cruiser brand is moving into the Indian market may surprise some, as they are known for big capacities and big prices, but the decision may be a canny one - Polaris are rapidly becoming one of India's largest ATV importers, supplying industry and military functions in addition to the commercial market. The decision to introduce their high-end 'luxury' brand looks logical.

Victory Motorcycles will undoubtedly face it's largest challenge in India in the form of it's old rival Harley Davidson, who are already assembling and selling bikes in India and have been since 2009 (specifically, SuperLow and Iron 883 variants of the Sportster).