TVS look to have begun the purchase of Norton

Indian-based TVS Motor Company looks like it’s made the first move to securing the Norton brand

Norton Logo

THE first moves have been made that could be the beginning of the TVS takeover at Norton Motorcycles.

Superbike has today reported that current Norton staff have been issued with TUPE information regarding the transfer from Norton to a newly incorporated company called Project 303 Bidco Limited.

While the transfer initially doesn’t seem to confirm TVS’ involvement in the take over in any way, the filing history for this new company, started on April 2nd, shows that two of the staff closely linked to it are also staff at the Indian automotive giant TVS.

The first person is Mr Radhakrishnan Kunnath Narayanan, listed as the director of the company on 9th April. He also holds the lengthy title of President, Chief Executive Officer & Director at TVS Motor Co. Ltd. – AKA, he’s the head honcho! The next person is Mr Sharad Mohan Mishra, also added to the company file on 9th April and holding the position of director. His LinkedIn profile states that his place in the pecking order at TVS is President, Group Strategy.

There is a third person on File for the company, Peter Houghton. We’ve tried to dig a little on him and he could be the oldest living heart transplant patient, a Wigan Athletic football player from the 70s or simply a name on the company payroll. Jurys out on that one…

While the TUPE notification to staff and the names on companies house records do not confirm that TVS are the company taking the helm at Norton. It does point to them being in the very final stages of the takeover and only a matter of days away from the actual event.

We expect a full press release to be announced when this happens and will keep you informed when we spot it.