The time has come for even Ducati to plot an electric future

Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali admits the Italian firm will be factoring in electric power among future models... but not just yet

The time has come for even Ducati to plot an electric future

Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali says Ducati is looking closely at how the advancement in electric technologies evolves before making a commitment to its first EV in the motorcycle market.

While the electric motorcycle market remains relatively niche beyond low-powered urban scooters, it is nonetheless a fast growing segment poised to accelerate further with the advent of imminent models from Husqvarna and Kawasaki.

However, for many there will be no greater litmus test for the genre than when the industry’s most evocative volume firm throws its hat into the ring.

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Indeed, Ducati’s electric offering will likely need to be more carefully considered than most, in that it needs to retain the character of a Borgo Panigale model from a motor that - as it stands - lacks precisely the feel and flexibility EV’s sacrifice.

Nevertheless, Domenicali says that while the electric market isn’t in Ducati’s immediate radar thus far,  he admits it cannot afford to ignore the inevitable.

“We have a position of great attention - obviously not only with Motostudent, which if we want is a basic research,” Domenicali told while referencing the Motostudent initiative to develop engineering and research talent. 

We have several very advanced areas of experimentation within the company; let's say that at this moment the main complexity in making electric motorcycles with high performance and autonomy lies in the battery. 

“So we are following the evolution of this component with great attention, and at this moment we are evaluating when and at what moment the amount of energy that can be stored in a battery will somehow make a product like a full scale electric motorcycle usable. "

“There is an evidently important evolution, because compared to fifteen years ago, for example, there was a very important change, another ten years ago again; today lithium batteries are very performing but are not yet able to store a sufficient amount of energy to keep the weight of the bike at its current level. Today, therefore, compromises are needed between autonomy and weight. "

“Already for the middle of this decade an important step such as solid state batteries is expected, and even more important developments for the end of the twenties. 

“I am optimistic about the characteristic: if we put aside the weight for a moment, the electric engine is a very sporty engine, so you can certainly make products in line with the characteristics of our brand, which has always been linked to performance and sport. The most relevant dynamic is the timing of introduction ... "