Superbike Ed Kenny Pryde resigns

Ed steps down following disappointing sales figures

SUPERBIKE magazine Editor Kenny Pryde has resigned.

Pryde, an experienced editor of both cycling and motorcycling magazines, edited Superbike for 11 years. He managed the recent transition from former owners IPC to new owner Vitality Publishing, when both Superbike and Loaded were acquired by Vitality in 2010.

Pryde became infamous in the motorcycle industry while presiding over Superbike's monthly column 'Bullshit Detector' which was put together by Pryde and former Deputy Editor Alan Dowds. The column aimed to reveal dodgy goings-on in the industry but ended up as a thinly-veiled pop at anyone and everyone, ruffling feathers and relegating Pryde's popularity to slightly above Tax Inspector and Dowds' to slightly below Traffic Warden. The column was dropped under new owners Vitality.

Pryde's resignation follows ABC figures which were published in February, showing Superbike's monthly sales decline from 22,393 in 2010 to 16,192 in 2011.

Pryde has been replaced by former Dep Ed John Hogan but will continue to work for Superbike, writing the Sport section on a freelance basis. You can keep up with him on Twitter @KenBobPryde.

We wish them all the best.