Spain set to ban ‘jet’ helmets and make gloves mandatory for bikers

The move comes after a spate of people either being killed while using jet-style motorcycle helmets or riding without a helmet at all

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Spain is looking to tighten up its motorcycle regulations, as the government proposes a raft of new measures aimed at curbing an increase in motorcyclist deaths.

The proposals have been published on the Interior Ministry website, along with some accident statistics that show an increase in motorcycle deaths over the last three years, with 2023 having the highest number with 286 fatalities on Spanish interurban roads.

The data highlights that of those 286 people, eight were not wearing a motorcycle helmet at the time of the crash, although it doesn’t break down the data on those that were wearing a helmet and of what type at the time of the crash.

The line titled 'Motocicleta' is the one to look at

That last point is important because one of the measures the Spanish government is looking to implement is the mandatory use of either a full-face helmet or a modular (flip-front) lid. It also states that it is to make it compulsory for motorcyclists riding on the road to wear proper approved motorcycle gloves.

You may think this is a similar situation to that which we have in the UK, especially after the latest PPE regulations came into force here, but that’s not strictly the case. The regulations in the UK simply refer to the sale of goods that are referred to as ‘motorcycle clothing/gloves/etc. Here in the UK, a motorcycle helmet is still the only mandatory piece of protective equipment needed to ride a motorcycle, despite it being widely advised to wear full protective motorcycle kit on every trip.

Other proposals noted on the website include the “Establishment of a mandatory course for B permit drivers with three years of experience who want to drive motorcycles of up to 125 cubic centimetres” and a review of the nation's traffic regulations.