Shark Helmets consumes Nolan

Shark helmets has just acquired Nolan, Grex and X-lite helmets

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Shark helmets in an effort to expand has recently acquired Nolan. The French helmet manufacturer has also brought up brands such as Grex and X-lite. And although this may seem predatory (in keeping with their name), instead, it’s more about economies of scale and increasing market share - which for the end-user results in safer kit, at a better price.

Shark's parent company 2Ride Holding Group has acquired the parent company of Italian helmet maker, Nolan. The take over of the firm means that Nolan Group's brands X lite, Grex and N-Com now join 2Ride Holding's, which include: Shark, Bering, Ségura, Bagster and Cairn. Resulting in Shark becoming a leading player in the market of protective equipment for motorcycle riding and outdoor sports. 

With €150 million in sales revenue and around 1,000 employees, the new group sends its products in over 80 countries worldwide and enjoys a global leadership status in the motorcycle protective equipment market. 

Almost all of Shark’s products are designed and created in Europe, with only a small percentage of safety kit being outsourced. 

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Patrick François, President of 2 Ride Holding said: “We’re thrilled today to be concluding this merger,” “Our intent is to optimize all this Italian, French and European expertise in order to offer our global consumers more protective and easier-to-use products. The Nolan and Shark brands, as well as their respective teams, both embrace the same values, dedicated to the safety of our riders, whether on a motorcycle or any other means of transportation.”

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On a personal level, I’m excited about what this new partnership will bring. In the world of big business, an acquisition is nothing new, but with low-cost helmets flooding the market, large firms are having to expand, because together they are stronger and safer than if they were apart. Let’s wait and see what the future holds. If it carries on like this, then Shark will end up looking like something from the movie Jaws. Metaphorically speaking.