SEAT e-Scooter revealed as motoring giant enters motorcycle market

The SEAT e-Scooter concept is revealed to officially herald one of motoring's biggest names' maiden foray into the motorcycle market

SEAT e-Scooter

Spanish motoring giant SEAT has revealed its first-ever motorcycle product – an electric scooter named the SEAT e-Scooter - as it looks to capitalise on the growing European demand for low-cost urban commuters.

Having confirmed earlier this month that it would be leading a new ‘urban mobility’ strategy for the wider Volkswagen Group (VAG), SEAT used the Smart City World Expo show in Spain to showcase two brand-new eco-friendly models – the e-Scooter and e-Kickscooter.

Though both are regarded as concepts for the time being, both the SEAT e-Scooter and e-Kickscooter are projected to hit the roads in 2020, initially in Spain and Europe, both for private users and ride-sharing platforms. There is no word yet on whether the models are destined for the UK market.

With its design language borrowed from its SEAT and spin-off Cupra performance brand, the SEAT e-Scooter is a detailed and quirky looking machine with a low, slender front-end topped by a long integrated front screen.

Quirkier traits include the bulky, stylised battery casing, rear-wheel cover, thin LED lighting and the angular rear-end.

Under the skin, the SEAT e-Scooter features a 7kW motor with a peak rate of 11 kW (14.8 hp), equivalent to 125cc, which delivers instant engine torque of 240 Nm. It will reach 100km/h (62mph) and accelerate to 50km/h in 3.8secs.

A single charge allows for a range of 115km, while the removeable battery can be charged at home or in public stations. Despite the battery space, the SEAT e-Scooter has space for two helmets behind the seat and battery levels can be tracked via a mobile app.

SEAT e-Scooter to shake up electric motorcycle sector

Though SEAT is a novice in the two-wheel market, the e-Scooter represents a daring yet logical debut entry.

While the market has plenty of electricity-powered scooters out there already and more on the way, SEAT’s favourable brand image among younger, sportier consumers on the four-wheel side gives it a head-start over most, if not all, offerings.

The fact it can call upon a huge dealer network to be sold alongside the well-known Ibiza and Leon et al., call upon the premium quality standards and appear both cool and individual can only serve it well. In short, expect to see these whizzing around the streets of Barcelona and Madrid in a year’s time.

Though this is the Volkswagen Group’s first foray into producing a two-wheeler itself, it does of course have a hand in the motorcycle market as the owner – through Audi – of Ducati.