R&G begins distributing updated KAOKO Throttle Stabiliser

The neat device promises to banish wrist ache

KAOKA Throttle Stabiliser

R&G has begun distributing an updated version of KAOKO's impressive throttle stabiliser, designed to take the pain out of long motorway slogs.

The KAOKO Throttle Stabiliser is a bar end replacement piece, which works by applying rotational resistance to the throttle sleeve. Effectively, it uses a minimal amount of friction to hold your throttle in one position, making for smooth riding and eliminating wrist ache. First launched a couple of years ago, this updated version promises even more cruising comfort. 

Once fitted, the user can gradually increase the throttle resistance by twisting the KAOKO Friction Nut. Partially twisting the nut will make the throttle stiffer turning, while fully engaging it will leave the throttle open on the set position. The throttle will never be locked open, and the rider will always be able to manually override it.

KAOKO have been in the cruise control market for almost two decades, and so know a thing or two about comfortable cruising. The brand’s first “Cruise Control System” arrived in 2001 after owner Roy Mentis suffered from a tired wrist while travelling through Kaokoveld in Namibia.

Their latest device can be used on motorcycles fitted with both electronic Cruise Control and fly-by-wire, and is now available across a range of bikes, from BMW GS’ to Kawasaki ZX-10Rs.

Kawasaki Ninja 125 | Intermot 2018