Parliament minister and MAG looking to raise the profile of motorcycling

The Motorcycle Action Group is working with Baroness Vere to help ‘raise the profile’ of motorcycling in the UK

Parliament minister and MAG looking to raise the profile of motorcycling

THE Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) has friends in high places it seems, after a positive meeting between the group and the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department for Transport last month.

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MAG and Baroness Vere met (virtually) on the 27th of January, with MAG putting forward the case for motorcycles, in a global pandemic and beyond. The outcome of the meeting is that Baroness Vere wishes to ‘raise the profile’ of motorcycle use in the UK, helping to ‘improve outcomes’ for riders.

In a statement following the meeting, Baroness Vere said:

“I thank the representatives of the Motorcycle Action Group for the meeting on Wednesday, and the case they made for motorcycling. I feel there are a number of areas where MAG and the Government can work more closely together in order to raise the profile of motorcycling and improve outcomes for riders.  I have asked MAG to provide me with a list of their top five priorities and look forward to reviewing these.”

As a result of the meeting, MAG will now be surveying members in order to build a priority list of changes and improvements that could positively affect all PTW riders in the UK.

Speaking after the meeting, MAG’s Chair, Selina Lavender commented:

“I am delighted by the spirit of the Minister’s desire to make a positive change for riders.  We cannot claim to have achieved everything our hearts desire, as our expectations must remain reasonable, but we have been given a great opportunity to get real results for motorcyclists.  I thank the Baroness for her time and willingness to make this offer.”