No Tools Required to Adjust BMW’s New Footpegs

New patent filings show BMW is developing a new adjustment system for its motorcycle footpegs that does not require tools


BMW is developing a new toolless system by which to adjust the position of the footpegs on its motorcycle, patent filings have revealed.

Published by Motociclismo, the patent filings show a three-way adjustment system for motorcycle footpegs that wouldn’t require tools. The peg itself is positioned on a track along which it can be moved further forwards or further backwards, depending on rider preference. To lock the peg into the desired position in the track, a pin extends from the peg into the track; to slide the peg along the track to a new position, the rider would need to lift the peg so that the pin is no longer locked into the track.

The drawings included in the patent filing are absent of any levers, either for the rear brake or gears, around the pegs. As such, the filing offers no explanation of how the system would work with the levers.

Therefore, it is possible to assume that the system is designed, at least for the moment, exclusively for electric bikes, in which case the rear brake could be placed on the left handlebar with little issue as electric bikes typically come without a clutch, and the gear lever is unnecessary to place anywhere since electric bikes are typically single-speed and therefore require no gearshifts.

While this might be of some disappointment to fans of the BMW GS adventure range, for example, or the Bavarian marque’s selection of high-performance machines, the electric bike market is perhaps the segment where such an apparently simple system could be most valuable.

Most electric bikes are small capacity and aimed at practicality, targeted at people looking for an affordable and convenient way of travelling relatively short distances, and not necessarily targeted at out-and-out enthusiasts. It’s easy to see how someone riding a bike primarily for convenience, rather than simply for the joy of it, would find such a system of particular value on a morning commute.

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