NMC Advice on transporting motorcycles across EU borders issued

The NMC has issued advice to individuals and organisations on how best to transport motorcycles across EU borders


THE previously simple task of moving a motorcycle, be that by van, truck, trailer, or motorhome, across an EU border became much trickier post-Brexit. Reports flooded in of people being turned away at border crossings, and ATA Carnets became a big talking point.

Now further confusion comes as French, and British lawmakers bicker over the wording of ‘means of transport’. This latest grey area comes as come customs officials stop seeing a vehicle as a means of transport when it is being carried across the border by another vehicle. As a result, a previous agreement to allow people to take bikes into Europe, as long as they were returning home again, seems to be in doubt.

To help clear up some of the confusion, the National Motorcyclists Council (NMC) has issued some guidance to those riders looking to travel with their bike on the continent.

NMC Advice on transporting motorcycles across EU borders issued

The advice, which you can read in full here, is not endorsed by the UK government, although it was with the UK Cabinet Office’s help that it was drawn up. In short, if you are planning on taking a motorcycle into Europe, by any other means other than riding it, you should probably take a look.

Speaking about the guidance, NMC Executive Director Craig Carey-Clinch said:

“The publication of the general advice marks the successful conclusion of a long and technically detailed lobby on the non-commercial aspects of motorcycle transportation, which involved not just the UK Government, but the European Commission, the governments of France, Spain, Ireland and other EU border transit nations – plus the welcome support and contribution of the NMC’s individual members and our international partners. We are extremely grateful to the Cabinet Office team which has acted to coordinate many of the various parties involved, plus HMRC and UK Border Force. We are delighted that the procedures reached do not imply either fees to be paid or delays at the border for those transporting motorcycles in a non-commercial capacity.”

The full report giving EU motorcycle travel guidance can be found here.

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