New partnership for Energica takes it off-land

A new partnership has been signed between Energica and Plenitude, which will see the development of electric infrastructure for marine vehicles.

Livia Cevolini, Paolo Martini, at Energica Inside, Be Charge announcement.

Energica’s latest project takes it away from two wheels and even away from land, as it pursues electric options for watercraft.

The latest project of Energica takes it into the water, thanks to a new deal signed with Plenitude, which specialises in the development and implementation of infrastructure and charging services for electric vehicles through its subsidiary, Be Charge. 

The first target of the new partnership between Energica and Plenitude is to implement charging infrastructure in Italian ports; the intention being “to offer customers new displacement options also in water,” an Energica press release says.

In addition to the charging infrastructure, a new marine vehicle has been announced. Called the Runabout, it is an electric jet ski (currently still a prototype) being developed by Energica Inside (Energica’s e-mobility solutions department) and Electric Revolution, a start-up company set up by Roberto Minnucci and Roberto Mariani, a freestyle jetski world champion.

Paolo Martini, Plenitude Head of e-mobility and Be Charge CEO, said: “The signing of this agreement marks the beginning of a new important journey for us as we can expand the concept of E-Mobility to the nautical sector. As always, we’re driven by the will to be pioneers by using technology as a key tool to always be innovative in our services.”

Livia Cevolini, CEO of Energica Motor Company, said: “This agreement represents an important chapter for us to expand our activities, and it is also an incredible opportunity to boost the electrification process in new industries. This is a result that follows on the Energica brand vision towards the expanding of the Italian Electric Valley.”

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