New motorcycle sales fall for the second month in a row

After a previous good year for motorcycle sales, the BMF and MCIA reveal a drop of 11.6%

THE BMF and the MCIA have reported that UK motorcycle sales fell by 11.6% in the month of June. The drop saw new bike sales of 9,248.

Scooters also saw a drop in sales of 12.5% down to 1,790, after previously holding a 16.5% gain made earlier in the year.

Sales of bikes from 650-1000cc saw a drop of 19.5%, with small capacity bikes (50-125cc) falling by 12.7%. The only band of bikes to see any growth is the 126-650cc bracket, which saw a measly 1% growth.

While 2019 had thus far been a good year for motorcycle sales and registrations, these new figures have seen many gains abruptly lost. Growth in registrations for all powered two-wheelers has now dropped back to just 2.9% year-on-year after having previously hit 7%, with motorcycles as a whole down to just 1.1%.

The news comes just a few months on from our April report that showed the EU motorcycle industry to be in a very different place, after new bike sales across Europe reversed recent trends. We reported a big rise during the first quarter of 2019, while the UK posted more positive results despite fears over Brexit.

Bike sales were bolstered in 2019 after a tricky end to 2018, which few people saw as possible of improvement coming into this year. Despite this, Q1 sales across Europe grew by around 20% with impressive gains being registered in France (+31%), Germany (+22%) and Italy especially (17%).

so far in 2019, every nation in the European Community Zone apart from Greece (down 2%) posted gains between January and March, with Poland enjoying a huge surge of an 87% increase. The Central European nation, together with Romania, Hungary. Lithuania and Slovakia, each managed more than 50% gains. 

The European and UK sales reports now seem to be following the global trend, which has sales slipping by 5% overall, with drops in India and China being stated as the cause.


Gosh ... what a surprise that motorbike sales are falling. Of course the pricing hasn't anything to do with it. Or the price of good gear. Or the fact that the only recent publicity about bikes was about counterfeit lids on Ebay
C'mon : leave the EU, vote Boris at the Autumn election and then we can all be in the same boat. Business - Shite. Where were reduced Japanese prices when import deals were done?

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