MV Agusta ‘completely redesigning’ its dealer and supply network

MV Agusta CEO Timur Sardarov promises to completely overhaul the firm's dealer and supply network to 'live up to the brand'

MV Agusta Brutale 1000RR

MV Agusta CEO Timur Sardarov says the company is working to establish a revitalised sales network that ‘lives up to the brand’ amid an overhaul that will see the model range multiply over the coming years.

Though the Italian marque has lurched between crises over the last couple of decades, a behind-the-scenes reshuffle that brought new owners in the Sardarovs and fresh investment is now setting it on course for what promises to be a stronger future.

Last year MV Agusta penned a new agreement with Chinese firm Loncin which will have the effect of pushing the firm into the smaller displacement sector with new 400cc models in the coming years, plus a move into the lucrative high-selling ADV class.

However, the company realises it needs to improve the infrastructure to capitalise on this after becoming blighted in recent years for its scattered dealer network and a disrupted spare parts supply chain.

MV Agusta has already made moves to improve this with the launch of an online sales model, a method that has since been mirrored by several other firms in lieu of dealers during this current coronavirus crisis.

In an interview with, Sardarov says any current problems are the legacy of a ‘practically destroyed distribution network’ in the years prior to him coming on board and expresses a commitment to overhaul the practice.

"We are completely redesigning the sales network, or rather taking advantage of the crisis that has forced us to suspend the activity of many retailers, we can say that we have already done so in large part. 

“The problem is that I inherited a practically destroyed distribution network, which suffered a lot during the latest crisis faced by MV Agusta during the years 10. 

A network which, moreover, had been built in a chaotic way, without a logic, which must be cleaned and rationalised. MV must have a sales network that lives up to its brand, and I assure you that we are already far ahead.

“For one thing, since there are still several uncovered areas, you can buy an MV Agusta on the site practically anywhere in the world and we will study a way to deliver it, waiting to complete the coverage of the network. at the end of May you can choose the precise date on which to receive the motorbike. In the meantime, we will complete the network expansion and renewal project.

Sardarov even goes to the extent of saying customers struggling to source parts for their machines should contact him directly in order to get the issue resolved.

"As regards the distribution of spare parts, we have invested large amounts of capital and created a system finally developed, which manages 17,000 codes, also updating and arranging the distribution process. 

“So, if today any MV Agusta authorised dealer or retailer, one who exhibits the MV brand in his shop, should you deny the service or complain about a lack from the spare parts management system, I ask you to contact me directly, through my social channels, and I will take care of it personally. It is not acceptable that MV Agusta fall on such things.”