The Motorcycle Industry's new Elite Rider Programme seeks to make you safer

The Motor Cycle Industry Association has announced a new Elite Rider training initiative. aimed at improving the safety of existing riders.

MCIA Elite Rider Programme poster.

TODAY (27 April 2022) the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCIA) has announced a new riding training initiative aimed at existing riders. 

At the present moment, 20% of all people killed or seriously injured on the roads in Britain are motorcyclists. In comparison, only one per cent of all road miles covered are by motorcyclists. 

In response, the MCIA is launching the Elite Rider Programme, which aims “to increase the number of riders undertaking post-test rider training, and to motivate riders to ride considerately toward other road users and the environment,” according to the MCIA, which is launching the Programme in conjunction with “road safety and training experts, government departments and respected, associated organisations.”

The training is not just aimed at making motorcyclists safer on the roads, but is also focused on making motorcyclists more “socially aware,” the MCIA says.

“As vehicles on the road move to electric, we are also seeing increasing pressure on noise, not just from motorcycles but also high-performance cars, it is for these reasons industry and the wider sector have come together to make every effort to improve rider safety and to encourage riders to be more socially aware,” the Association says.

The platform through which the Elite Rider Programme (also referred to as the Elite Rider Training Programme) can be accessed is called the Elite Rider Hub. “This platform will be a “one stop shop” where riders will be able to find a wealth of information and support to improve their skills,” the MCIA says. 

Additionally, through the Elite Rider Hub, motorcyclists can access information on post-test training programmes that are available across the UK. It also features links for riders to use to book themselves in for training, as well as “advice for riders,” according to the MCIA.

The MCIA also says, “Along with putting the emphasis on riders to improve their own skills, MCIA will continue to pressure Government on what can be done to improve infrastructure, safe road space and the training of other road users.”