Motoczysz lands production contract

But not for a bike...

MOTOCZYSZ is aiming to make it three wins in a row at the TT Zero next week with the latest version of its E1pc but even as the team is making its way to the Isle of Man the firm has landed a contact to build electric power units for a very different vehicle.

Brazilian firm Tac Motors has signed a $27 million contract that will see Motoczysz supply 3600 of its 'D1g1tal Dr1ve' power units per year (we suspect they're rebelling against the Apple-inspired trend to use a lower-case 'i' in the name of every high-tech gadget, and have removed the letter from all the keyboards in the Motoczyz office). But far from powering bikes, the units are going into small 4x4 off-roaders.

Back in the bike arena, Motoczysz is promising that this year's TT Zero machine will be an aerodynamic wonder. It's only released one super close-up teaser picture, but Michael Czysz has explained in detail his thinking on his blog here: