Kymco UK partners with security solutions provider Datatool

Kymco UK has partnered with Datatools to provide security solutions for the manufacturer's customers in UK dealers from December 2022.

Kymco CV2 concept

Kymco UK has announced a new partnership with Datatool, to offer security and protection benefits. 

The partnership between motorcycle manufacturer Kymco (it’s UK branch, specifically) and security and protection solutions provider Datatool will mean Kymco customers will have access to Datatool's leading security product. 

That is the Stealth, which allows for the tracking of a vehicle in the event of a theft. It also allows the owner of the stolen vehicle to liaise with the 24/7 Monitoring Team of Datatool, whose monitoring centre has, according to Kymco, a 96% theft recovery rate. 

The Datatool Stealth will become available with Kymco scooters and motorcycles from Kymco UK dealers from December 2022.

Mark Hermolle, Kymco UK’s Managing Director, said: “Protection and Security of our customers’ coveted products has never been more important and Kymco endeavours to continue to add value added, augmented products, to its offerings. 

“At Kymco we want to provide our customers with the very best solutions for safe and enjoyable riding, whether it be on 2 or 4 wheels. We are delighted to partner with Datatool, who we feel will provide us with the added security and protection our customers need. We feel that this strategic partnership further enhances our product and will differentiate us a leading provider in the marketplace.”

Dan Balsamini, Datatool's Sales Operations Manager, added: “We are incredibly proud to partner with Kymco UK to protect their customers from vehicle theft. Not only will customers benefit from the wide range of features by fitting our tracking device, but they will also have peace of mind knowing that their vehicle is protected 24/7, all year round, by our dedicated Monitoring Team.”

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