KTM Owners Acquire New Electric Motorcycle Partnership

Pierer Mobility Group, the owners of KTM, has announced a distribution partnership with the electric motorcycle brand Zeeho

Zeeho bike line-up

The Pierer Mobility Group has added another string to its distributive bow, as Zeeho now falls under its umbrella for importation and distribution.

You’ve probably never heard of Zeeho, and this may seem like a move that’s come out of nowhere. But, that’s not quite true, because Zeeho is the electric subdivision of CFMoto, with which PMG - owners of the Husqvarna, GasGas, and KTM brands, and which has a controlling share in MV Agusta - has had a relationship for many years. CFMoto builds the 790cc parallel twin used in the KTM 790 Duke and 790 Adventure, and it uses the KTM RC4 GP bike in the Moto3 World Championship (in which it has won three races so far this year with Aspar’s David Alonso).

The new partnership between PMG and Zeeho means that the Austrian company will become the exclusive importer and distributor for the Chinese manufacturer in Europe. As a result, three of the brand’s electric bikes will be coming to Europe: AE6+, AE8 S+ and C!ty Sport.

The AE6+ and AE8 S+ are both electric scooters, the 6 a 125cc equivalent compared to the more maxi-looking 8. 

The 6 (above) has a maximum power output of 7.3bhp, which helps propel it to a top speed of 50mph and to reach 31mph in 4.6 seconds, and will keep going for 62 miles on a single charge.

The AE8 S+ (above), on the other hand, pumps 16bhp to its rear wheel, which is slightly odd, really, at least in a European context, because it’s below the top-end of the 125cc bracket but also above the A1 cut-off. Anyway, it’ll reach 31mph in 2.6 seconds and go onto a top speed of 62mph. Charging takes five hours, and a full charge will take you 62 miles. 

The C!ty Sport (above) is the most motorcycle-looking of the three, but it has the lowest performance. It’s a moped-class bike, but its range is only 74km (46 miles) and you’ll have to make do with a rated output of 1.8kW, or 2.4bhp. That will still get you to a top speed of 27mph, though.

All three bikes are available to buy in the UK now. You can grab an AE6+ for £2,699, an AE8 S+ for £4,699, and a C!ty Sport for £2,899.

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