Honda's Ride Free experience is perfect for pre-CBT riders

Honda’s Ride Free experience will allow new and prospective riders to gain valuable experience in a controlled environment. 

Honda MSX125 Grom

HONDA has announced its Ride Free experience, which will allow new riders to gain experience early on in their motorcycling careers in a controlled environment. 

The aim of the programme is to encourage people to take up motorcycling in a safe and controlled way, without having to have the pressure of being on public roads at the very beginning of their time on two wheels. 

The Honda Ride Free experience is available free of charge “through the Honda Dealer and Honda School of Motorcycling network in an enjoyable, informative and no-pressure environment,” according to Honda. 

There are a trio of bikes available at the Ride Free events: the Monkey, CB125F and MSX125 Grom, meaning there are bikes suitable for various purposes, and riders can experience a variety of styles of bikes. 

There are also structures in place with salespeople and training specialists to help new riders find their own scooter or bike, and to help them towards their full licence. Speaking of which, Honda will put £50 towards a Ride Free participant’s CBT on purchase of a 125cc Honda. Presumably that only includes the current four-stroke range, and not an O’Mara Motocross des Nations replica, which is a shame, but understandable. 

There is also a chance for money off further down the line, as Honda will put £500 towards any Honda over 125cc if a full licence is attained at a Honda-approved training school. 

Ride Free already started last week, with 31 test rides completed, with 40% of those being by women. Honda says that “there are places ready and waiting to be booked over the coming months right now.”

You can check out the Honda Ride Free experience on Honda UK’s website, here.