Hein Gericke saved ...by Hein Gericke

Popular store to make a comeback, but not entirely

Hein Gericke saved ...by Hein Gericke

HEIN Gericke is back in the UK after the German Hein Gericke Group won the bid to buy the assets.

The UK 'relaunch' is - according to Hein Gericke Group: 'a key element of the restructuring of the parent group (Hein Gericke Germany) which operates in 7 European countries'.

It's not all good news: at its peak Hein Gericke operated 49 stories across the UK but only 16 stores will be kept. One of the Hein Gericke stores has been sold to Infinity, meaning that with 32 stores closing, only a third will remain.

The stores that will be kept open as part of the new Hein Gericke venture are: Manchester, Stockwell, Southampton, Edinburgh, Farnborough, Gants Hill, Glasgow, Belfast, Maidstone, Preston, Leicester, Braintree, Aberdeen, Hanger Lane, Oxford and Chiswick.

UK Managing Director, Christoph Hansen, said: “We’re now looking to the future and are pleased to have been able to secure the jobs of the staff in the 16 retained stores. We are keen to improve our customer’s in-store experience and secure the future for our loyal customers and the UK team”.

Following a difficult trading period Hein Gericke entered administration on the 30th July this year.

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