Harley trikes built in-house from 2011

Lehman Trikes ousted as troubled US bike builder streamlines production

HARLEY-DAVIDSON are to move the company's trike production back in-house from 2011, the company has said.

At present, the contract to provide components, paint and conversion services to build the Harley-Davidson Tri Glide and Street Glide trikes currently lies with Lehman Trikes Inc. however Harley has said this will cease at the end of summer 2010. Lehman has been a strategic supplier for Harley-Davidson trikes since 2008.

Julie Chichlowski, Director — Trike Platform at Harley-Davidson, stated, “It has been a great pleasure working with Lehman Trikes on this program. They have proven to be a responsive, high quality supplier to Harley- Davidson for trikes, and we would welcome the opportunity to work with them again should we have other needs in the future. Our decision to move trike assembly is based purely on the restructuring of Harley-Davidson’s York operations, which now provides the opportunity for us to build trikes in house and streamline trike assembly and distribution.”“

"Harley-Davidson has advised us they will be moving the trike assembly in-house to their York, Pennsylvania production facilities for the 2011 models,” stated Ken Hines, President and CEO of Lehman Trikes. “Lehman is proud to have been a supplier to Harley-Davidson. They have been a great mentor to the company and our association has led to benefits that will far outlive the contract. We are pleased to have been associated with this program, and while disappointed, we understand their business rationale”.