Harley-Davidson suspends all business to Russia following Ukraine invasion

Harley-Davidson becomes the first major motorcycle manufacturer to pull its business out of Russia as a consequence of its condemned attack on Ukraine

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Harley-Davidson has become the first major motorcycle manufacturer to announce it is suspending its business in Russia as a consequence of its globally-condemned invasion of Ukraine.

In a short statement, Harley-Davidson says it is halting shipments of its motorcycles to the world’s largest nation before offering its thoughts to those in Ukraine impacted by the shocking developments over the past week

“In light of the crisis in Ukraine, Harley-Davidson has suspended its business in Russia and all shipments of its bikes to the country. Our thoughts continue for the safety of the people of Ukraine and those impacted by the crisis.”

After weeks of military build up near its border with Ukraine, Russia mounted its first strikes on 25 February and proceeded to wage a brutal bombardment against targets that have in less than a week claimed more than 2,000 civilians and led to more than a million to flee the country.

The conflict has drawn widespread derision from across the globe, with even Russia’s most prominent superpower ally China also distancing itself from the actions of President Vladimir Putin.

While Harley-Davidson doesn’t supply sales figures for the Russian market, it contributes to the Europe, Middle East and Africa arm of its reporting statistics, which last year accounted for 31% total sales.

However, it is one of several high-profile companies deciding to turn its back on Russia following the outbreak of war both as a consideration of the humanitarian crisis it is creating and to join the influx of businesses that are hoping it would cripple Russia’s economy in lieu of brute force and force it to cease fire.

Though the first motorcycle manufacturer to withdraw, British automotive firm JLR (Jaguar, Land Rover) plus Rolls-Royce have been the first to announce a withdrawal of business, while BP, Shell and ExxonMobil have announced they will be dropping their stakes in Russian-owned oil companies.

Meanwhile, the Russian CEO of MV Agusta has also come out against Putin, describing him as a 'vindictive and paranoid liar'

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