Future fuels - Yamaha builds 475hp powerplant and is taking orders for it!

Yamaha has this week announced a new electric powertrain capable of producing 475hp and for use in electric vehicles

Yamaha electric motor

YAMAHA is delving deeper into the field of electrification, as this week it announces a new electric powertrain capable of producing 475hp.

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As a brand, Yamaha has to this date not really gone all-in with the notion of electric power. We have seen two-wheeled concepts and design studies adopting battery power, although until its range of high-density motorcycle and scooter motors were announced last year, it seemed the Japanese giant wasn’t fully committing to the idea.

That seems to have changed, although the new route Yamaha is taking may come as a bit of a surprise to many. Firstly, it’s a car, with electric motors on each corner and a swathe of batteries making up the floor of the vehicle. Secondly, it doesn’t seem like it’ll be branded as or released by Yamaha as its own model.

Instead, the firm is taking orders for the powertrain, presumably so up and coming electric car manufacturers can slot their own chassis and bodyshell over the hardware. Doing this allows carmakers to circumnavigate all the related R&D costs that go along with producing such a high-tech product, while Yamaha will no doubt be rewarded handsomely for its handy work.

What does this electric powertrain mean for motorcycles?

While this is still no confirmation of a future electric model from Yamaha, it does confirm that the Iwata factory is open and involved with the electric future. It does seem though that Yamaha is biding its time on announcing its own, tuning fork branded battery-powered bike. That doesn’t mean they aren’t already working on one in the background though. Yamaha is a motorcycle manufacturers that is more secretive than some. We wouldn’t be surprised if there is a Yamaha built electric bike whirring its way around a test track somewhere.