FEMA study shows 90 percent of motorcyclists against petrol ban

A study by FEMA has unsurprisingly found that more than 90 percent of motorcyclists are against a ban on petrol-powered bikes

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A FEMA survey shows that a possible ban on the sale of new petrol-powered motorcycles is rejected by more than 90 percent of the motorcyclists that took part.

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The survey ended in August this year and centred around motorcycle emissions and the possible ban on the sale of new petrol-powered motorcycles. The survey was answered by 23,768 people (1,188 women and 22,580 men).

One of the most important questions related to the as yet unconfirmed ban on the sale of new petrol-powered motorcycles. It said: ‘What do you think about a possible ban on the sale of new petrol-powered motorcycles?’. The answer it seems is pretty conclusive. 92.91% of the respondents rejected such a ban.

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While that might sound like strike one for the electric motor, 88.75% of respondents stated that they would be open to switching to zero tailpipe emissions bikes if fossil fuel-powered machines were banned from congested city centres. This sounds like a great percentage, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that electric bike would be their only form of transport. There was a caveat though, and that would be as long as the electric equivalent didn’t cost more than the petrol-powered comparable bike.

Interestingly, 53.38% of those questioned would stop riding when they were unable to buy a new petrol-powered motorcycle. While 38.96% of those questioned would only buy a zero-emission motorcycle when there are no new or used petrol-powered motorcycles available anymore. Only 7.67% would already buy a zero-emission motorcycle when there are still petrol-powered motorcycles available.

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When asked if they could enjoy a non-emission bike as much as their current bike, if a total ban on all fossil fuel vehicles would be introduced, or if they would stop riding, 58.92% would stop riding. This is a major change in attitude since 2016 when 46% of the respondents said they would stop riding. Of the respondents, 41.08% could enjoy riding a non-emission motorcycle, against 54% in 2016.

If anything, the survey by FEMA goes to show that in the court of public opinion, electric motorcycles still have a way to go to win the affections of consumers. With less choice in terms of manufacturer, style, and price, not to mention what many believe is a performance deficit in terms of range and recharge/refill time, the electric motorcycle dawn may still be some time off yet - but it is getting closer!