Electric future - Yamaha Motor is aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050

Yamaha Motor announces its future goals with new forms of mobility in mind, aiming to achieve carbon net neutrality by 2050.

2021 Yamaha MT-07 details

ELECTRIC news & eco-friendly environmental plans seem to be going into overdrive at the moment, with the EU and UK announcing plans for the total ban of petrol motorcycle engine sales by 2035 - and Yamaha Motor has added proverbial fuel to the fire by reviewing its ‘Environmental Plan’ targets.

After reviewing the plan that was originally formulated in 2018, the Japanese manufacturer now hopes to achieve complete carbon neutrality across all of its business practices by 2050.

This will include emissions across the life cycles of all of its products (scope 1 & 2 in the table included with the release) and emissions outside of these (scope 3).

Along the way to a carbon-neutral 2050, targets are placed for reductions of emissions in 2030 & 2035, which is coincidentally (or very much by design) the same key dates for the EU & UK carbon neutral ‘checkpoints’.

As a signal of intent, the report states their aim is to reduce CO2 emitted per person during movement, by promoting the use of personal mobility with low CO2 emissions & power efficient sources.

To achieve a net neutral state, carbon offset methods will also be employed, in addition to optimising business practices with a small environmental footprint, optimising raw material procurement, manufacturing, use & disposal.

Does this mean new Yamaha motorcycles are on the way?

In a word, yes. In the release, the Japanese giant specifically say that they will be ‘proposing new forms of mobility unique to Yamaha Motor in addition to its signature motorcycles’. Although I’m holding out hope for a hoverbike, it’s more likely to be new electric avenues that have been pointed towards already.

As we have seen in the news this past year, a deal was penned with other manufacturers for swappable batteries within the electric consortium, plus they built a 475bhp electric power plant and filed trademarks for the E01 and EC-05 electric scooters.

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