Documents reveal Triumph is set to remove 'Street' name from its roster

Documents from Australia and America suggest that Triumph is looking to remove the 'Street' name as it looks to simplify its range.

Triumph Street Triple S

Triumph is set to remove the ‘Street’ name from its roster as part of a relabelling of its models. 

The move from Triumph is expected after certification documents from Australia and type approval documents from the US reveal such a renaming process.

Triumph’s ‘Street’ line includes bikes from across the brand’s range, including the Street Triple, and Street Triple RS, the latter of which is Triumph’s new contender in middleweight Supersport competition. Additionally, the Street Twin and Street Scrambler models look set for a rebrand. 

The renaming process, Motorcycles News reports, is suspected to be triggered by a desire for Triumph to ‘streamline’ their naming structure. Fans of Triumph will understand the difference between a model from the ‘Speed’ range, and one from the ‘Street’ range, but most people will not. Therefore, a combination of the models which currently exist under the ‘Street’ name into the ‘Speed’ range, and having the differentiation between models be solely down to a limited edition tag or, more commonly, a displacement could make things more straightforward for the average person looking to buy a Triumph.

Additionally, there is the possibility that, with Triumph’s TE-1 electric prototype project nearing completion, the brand is trying to simplify its existing range with the knowledge that additional, electric bikes are on their way. Condensing its existing products under fewer ranges could also be beneficial when those electrics do arrive. 

Let’s not forget that, despite a lack of communication from Triumph on the subject in recent times, their motocross project is on the way, and it is possible that they could be making space for that, as well. 

Between ‘Street’, ‘Speed’, ‘Bonneville’, ‘Tiger’, and ‘Trident’, Triumph has quite the selection of ranges and, with potentially three new ranges on the horizon - electrics, motocross and enduro - there is the possibility for some overcrowding, because, even though motocross bikes are not going to be mistaken for a road-going naked, there is the possibility with potentially as many as eight different ranges that it could be becoming quite daunting - again more so for new Triumph buyers than existing and established fans of the brand - to find exactly the bike you are looking for.

As yet, there is no confirmation about when the ‘Street’ name will begin to be phased out of Triumph’s roster, or when it will disappear altogether, although to that point Motorcycles News suggests that the ‘Street’ name will remain for the Street Triple.