Cardo Systems announces new distribution partners with "local market expertise"

Cardo Systems has announced new distribution partnerships in Finland, Denmark, and Sweden, as it looks to gain new "local market expertise."

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Cardo Systems has announced an expansion of its Nordic-specific presence, thanks to new partnerships. 

The new partnerships regard new distribution partners for Cardo, whose intercom products will now be distributed by new companies in three Nordic countries.#

In Denmark, distribution will now be handled by Motostore; in Finland it will be Eurobiker; and in Sweden the German brand’s distribution will be handled by Vartex. Each of these partnerships is active from April 2023. 

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Jonathan Yanai, VP Global Sales, comments: “We’re extremely happy to welcome Motostore, Eurobiker and Vartex to the ‘Cardo Family’. They have fantastic experience distributing premium brands and extensive knowledge of the local market. 

“Working with individual distributors within the Nordics enables us to get even closer to customers and also make the most of their local expertise. I look forward to working with them and developing successful partnerships.”

The idea behind the new partnerships for Cardo is that each new distributor has “local market expertise,” Cardo says in a press release, in the respective countries in which they are distributing for Cardo. 

The press release continues, saying the new distributors will aim to “bolster local level support.”

Cardo has come under fire recently for its newest release in its Packtalk series, the Packtalk Custom, which has ‘unlockable’ features based on a subscription service. Essentially, it means everyone pays a flat fee for the hardware, but can choose how much software they want to make available to themselves. On the other hand, features that are a part of a subscription only last as long as the subscription itself, so must be continually renewed.

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