BSA announces return to historic Bristol motorcycle dealer

BSA has announced a return to Fowlers, the Bristol-based motorcycle dealer, for the first time in 50 years, when the original Gold Star's production ceased.

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The classic British motorcycle brand has returned to Fowlers. BSA Motorcycles are back in city-centre showrooms in Bristol after over 50 years.

Fowlers first started selling new BSAs in 1954 and the bikes were so popular that they became a spares distributor in 1959, but that ended when BSA ceased production in 1973. 

Following the acquisition of BSA by Classic Legends, Mahinda, in 2016, and the launch of the brand-new Gold Star in 2021, production has restarted, and Fowlers has become an official BSA dealer for Bristol once again. The dealer will begin selling BSA models once again this year.

Instantly recognisable as a BSA, the reborn Gold Star inherits the soul of its forerunners and combines it with modern technology, to deliver an authentic and reliable BSA riding experience. This modern classic is powered by a 45hp 652cc single-cylinder engine – a tribute to the original model - and is built using high quality components, such as Brembo brakes, with Continental dual channel ABS and Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp tyres. The Golkd Star also has a claimed weight of 213kg with a full tank of fuel, a speedo that reads to 130mph, a claimed peak power that is produced is 6000rpm and the maximum torque that can be produced is apparently 4000rpm.

The addition of BSA brings the total number of manufacturers represented by Fowlers to sixteen, covering everything from scooters and commuters to superbikes and off-roaders, as well as two 100% electric brands. 

Alongside new motorcycles, Fowlers also offers a huge selection of clothing and accessories. Routine servicing and maintenance is provided on site in Fowlers’ well-equipped workshops and visitors can refuel and relax in Harry’s Café on the mezzanine above the showroom floor. 

As well as their new dealership in Bristol Lukas Distribution has been appointed to help build a new BSA dealer network in the UK. The site for their new dealer network will be from a new 100,000sqft HQ near Coventry. This facility will also be 18 miles away from the original BSA factory in Birmingham. The dealer network in Coventry is supposed is supposed to become the new UK home for BSA.

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2022 BSA Gold Star Review | The Most Authentic British Modern Classic Motorcycle?