Britain’s Most Stolen Motorcycles Confirmed

Honda’s top-selling PCX125 scooter has topped the charts as Britain’s most stolen motorcycle

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It might not be the fastest, most powerful, or sportiest bike on the roads, but the Honda PCX125 has scooped an unlikely prize, as the UK’s most stolen motorcycle.

The news comes from the insurance website, GoCompare, which has trawled the data of bikes stolen in the UK and placed them in a top-10 rundown. The study has been made possible thanks to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request and implements a ratio calculating the number of stolen bikes per every 1,000 registrations.

With the PCX125 being one of the best-selling scooters on the market, it's not a huge surprise to see it topping this chart, and GoCompare states that 87 thefts occur for every 1,000 bikes registered in the UK. 

The PCX is followed by Yamaha’s learner-legal geared bike, the YBR125 although the gap between the two is sizable with 19 bikes out of every 1,000 registrations getting nabbed by thieves. Closely following the YBR, by 18 thefts per 1,000 registrations, is another Yamaha, in the form of the highly successful NMAX125

Another Yamaha scooped the unwanted prize for the most stolen large-capacity bike, as the Yamaha R1 came home in fourth place with 13 bikes pinched for every 1,000. Given that the first three models on this list are small-capacity lightweight bikes, and most probably used to facilitate other vehicular crime, it does make you wonder if the R1 thefts occurring will see the bikes being broken up for parts and sold on the second-hand market.

BMW has two bikes in the top ten with what GoCompare refers to as ‘R Series 1200’ and ‘R Series 1250’ bikes claiming 8th and 9th respectively. Those numbers are slightly skewed though, as instead of highlighting one particular model, we assume they are bundling in bikes like the RT, GS and possibly R NineT all under one umbrella.

The data unearthed in this chart proves one thing, it’s that regardless of what bike you ride, and no matter how much it is worth or how fast it goes, the UK is still very much a nation where you need to lock it, or risk losing it!

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