Arc Vector Maker Goes Into Liquidation

It turns out there wasn’t too much demand for a £90k electric bike after all, as the company behind the Arc Vector goes under

Arc Vector Electric Motorcycle

The high-end electric bike maker which created the Arc Vector has entered voluntary liquidation. 

The brand, Arc Vehicle, began life as a start-up with funding from Jaguar Land Rover, although it wasn’t long before the automotive giant pulled out of the project. From there, it’s been a tumultuous road the firm has been riding on and a lack of funds has dogged the Midlands-based brand. The company’s original firm entered administration in 2019 and was wound up in 2021, and succeeded by Arc V Ltd. 

Not even Hollywood royalty Ryan Reynolds snapping one up could fire the enthusiasm for the high-tech, hub-steered Vector. Which is a shame, as on paper, the bike sounded great. The front end was designed in such a way that it would ‘dive’ like a conventional bike, it was covered in carbon fibre, had an endless options list and was claimed to go like stink. The price could be one reason for the decline of the brand, although it seems that there were other factors at play too.

Speaking to MCN, the company’s founder, Mark Truman, said:

“Ultimately when you sell high-cost low-volume bespoke products it doesn’t take many people letting you down to put you in a difficult position … Things had been going very well, but distribution issues in the US really hurt our revenue which forced us to seek investment.”

“I’m currently working with partners and am determined to try and bring Arc out of administration. I will also do everything I can to support client motorcycles in market going forward.”

According to Companies House, Arc V Ltd filed an "extraordinary resolution to wind up" on 19 March 2024, appointing a voluntary liquidator the same day. On 7 April the office address was changed from Coventry to a site in Orpington.

The news comes just a year after Arc announced two Founder’s Edition bikes that it was hoped would help to launch the brand across the pond. They were spec’d up versions of the already trick machine, finished in forged carbon fibre and shod with top-spec Ohlins suspension. It’s not clear whether either of the two machines was sold.