ACEM calls to protect motorcycle industry amid COVID-19 pandemic

ACEM has asked for government and EU commission support for the regions motorcycle makers and 100,000s of employees

KTM Factory

ACEM (European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers) has asked for government and EU Commission support for motorcycle manufacturers during the COVID-19 pandemic. They also ask that the relevant governments support the region’s employees within that area.

A statement on the ACEM website reads:

“The current situation is particularly challenging for motorcycle dealers and manufacturers. The ongoing pandemic has severely disrupted supply chains, manufacturing operations and the development of new Euro 5 models. This disruption, in addition to virus containment measures taken in factories, has led to a near-complete standstill of the industry in many countries.”

The plea for assistance is more than just an industry representative body try to save it own skin, motorcycle across Europe and here in the UK remain a vital form of transport, especially at a time such as these.

They allow key workers to quickly, efficiently and cheaply get to work. They enable the quick and safe movement of blood and organs to be used in life-saving operations and allow the emergency services to attend incidents more quickly.

CEO of KTM, Stefan Pierer, is the ACEM President, he said:

“The COVID-19 crisis will test our ability to cope simultaneously with a major health and economic crisis. ACEM members are fully cooperating with authorities to slow the spread of COVID-19. We take care that our employees and partners are safe, and count on policy-makers to find solutions in the challenging weeks and months that are ahead of us in order to break the wave that may otherwise hit the sector.”

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