Zero rider crashes into power cable

A rider of a Zero electric motorcycle has been injured after crashing into a downed electricity cable in the United States

Zero rider crashes into power cable

A motorcyclist has been injured in a freak accident in the California after riding into a downed powerline while exiting a freeway.

The incident has been reported on, who state that the rider, who was a well-loved member of the Zero motorcycle community, was exiting Highway 1 at Rio Del Mar on Friday 28th June when he was clotheslined by the wire and knocked from his bike.

In what is a very ironic and scary accident, it’s also reported that the rider was wearing appropriate riding kit and although seriously injured is expected to make a full recovery.

They go onto say that the rider had seen the wire, but misjudged where it was – he thought it was flat on the road and not strung up in the air across the off-ramp.

The wire reportedly hit him across the helmet, and while he was not electrocuted, he suffered serious injuries to his neck, throat, and face. Thankfully the rider was wearing a motorcycle helmet at the time, which no doubt saved his life.

California is one of the states in the US where a helmet when riding a motorcycle is mandatory - had it not been this could be a very different story.

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