Zero-emission race ends in controversy

Proof that silence isn't always golden

ZERO EMISSION motorcycles have come under fire in Vancouver, Canada, following a collision between an electric motorcycle and a cyclist during an international race to promote battery-powered vehicles.

The speed and lack of noise of the streamline-shaped Zero-Tracer immediately prior to the accident is at the centre of the controversy; onlookers say the sleek two-wheeler was "going really fast" through a residential area just before the collision took place.

Dawna Werbeski, 43, who lives in the neighbourhood, said: "We thought, 'Holy crap they are going really fast down that residential street.' There were cars parked along the side. Someone could have walked out on the street and not heard that vehicle -- not like you would have heard a regular motorcycle."

The 50-year-old cyclist suffered several rib fractures when he was hit by the 750-kilogram motorcycle.

Via The Vancouver Sun