Zef Eisenberg killed during crash at Elvington airfield

Land speed record holder Zef Eisenberg has been killed attempting a record at Elvington airfield near York

Millionaire land speed record holder Zef Eisenberg has been tragically killed attempting to break a record at Elvington airfield near York.

Details regarding the collision are scarce at the moment, although his family has confirmed his death to the BBC.

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At this time it is not clear whether Eisenberg was riding a bike or driving a car at the time of the crash, as his Mad Max racing team competed in speed events on both. He did though post to his personal Facebook page on September 30th showing a highly modified Porsche parked in a petrol station with the words ‘Late night testing....for the next stage of MADness....’ accompanying it.

The BBC reports that the Emergency crews were called after reports of a "serious collision" at about 16:30 BST on Thursday.

Eisenberg founded sports nutrition company Maximuscle, and was a regular at straight-line speed events across the globe. Prior to this crash, Eisenberg was involved in a ‘near-death’ crash at the same airfield in 2016. As a result, he suffered 11 broken bones including his pelvis, only returning to racing the following year.

Eisenberg set the record for the "flying mile" at Pendine Sands and holds a Guinness world record for exceeding 225mph (363kmh) in a turbine-powered motorbike in 2015.

Elvington has played host to speed record attempt for many years and is widely used for filming for TV shows and films. In 2006, Top Gear's Richard Hammond crashed a jet-powered car at the same venue suffering a serious brain injury.

Visordown sends its deepest condolences to his family, friends, and team.


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