YouTube footage helps to convict speeding rider

Live by the cam, die by the cam...

YouTube footage helps to convict speeding rider

A motorcycle rider who ran from police at 143 mph and was caught when his own helmet cam video was spotted on YouTube has been banned from riding for one year.

Brian A. Bianco was arrested in July of last year a few days after fleeing an officer who was approaching him when he was spotted making a turn without signaling and riding a bike without a registration plate in St. Charles, Illinois.

The incident was included in a compilation video of motorcycles running from police that was posted to the FailsandFights YouTube account. In it, Bianco, who is waiting at a red light, turns his head toward the officer who is signalling for him to shut the motorcycle off. Instead, he pulls away through several parked cars, runs the light and accelerates down the road.

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At one point, the video had a link to Bianco’s personal YouTube page, which investigators used, along with Bianco’s other social media channels, to track him down.

Bianco was charged with several felonies, but entered a deal last week where he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor reckless driving and agreed to perform 100 hours of community service and to not own or ride a motorcycle for 12 months.