Your queries answered in our new law column

Got a legal biking question? We’re here to help, thanks to the good folk at Thompsons Solicitors

Your queries answered in our new law column

WE'VE BEEN kicking off a new weekly section of the site, with some proper learned answers to your bikey legal queries. Whether you’ve been knocked off by a pissed-up driver, been stitched up by a dodgy trader, or looking down the barrel of a six-month ban for one speeding ticket too many, we can help – with some clever judicial stuff from Thompsons Solicitors, one of the biggest law firms in the country.

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This week - a question from Visordown reader Liam Rose (not his real name).

Hi Alan,

I've been referred to court for speeding.

I didn't speed through the 30mph but right before the national speed limit sign but still just inside the 30 I accelerated to 69mph.

How much trouble am I in and is there any defence I can use?

Thanks in advance hope you can help.

Kind regards


David Robinson, senior road accident specialist at Thompsons Solicitors, says: “I understand why you accelerated at the end of the area but unfortunately, I don’t think you’ll be able to put forward a legal defence. If you plead ‘guilty’, you’ll need to go to the Magistrates Court, who will consider a penalty of disqualification in line with the Sentencing Guidelines.

“The good news is that you won’t be punished with jail time. However, you were more than 30mph over the limit even though you were building up to the advised speed ahead. This means you’re likely to get six points on your licence or a driving ban of somewhere between seven to 56 days.

“I would say given the situation, the ban will probably last between seven and 14 days. It’s a common error many drivers make to speed up to meet the sign ahead - you’re not the first and you won’t be the last. Unfortunately, you’ve learnt this lesson the hard way but next time check twice before you accelerate!”

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