Yamaha YZF-R125 - latest launch pics

Coming to a big hill near you soon

And we all made do with an FS1E...

OK KIDS, it's time to smash your piggy banks, as Yamaha have just unveiled pictures of their new, and rather tasty, YZF-R125.

The bike uses an all-new liquid-cooled, four-valve, single cylinder engine, which Yamaha claim is most powerful 125cc four-stroke motorcycle available. That means about 14bhp in restricted form to you and me.

The bike takes strong styling cues from the company's flagship YZF-R1 with a Deltabox beam frame, aluminium swingarm, 33mm diameter forks and Brembo brake set up.

Sources say the bike's top speed, in restricted form, is rumoured to be in excess of 71mph.

Rev counter, like owner's bank balance, will mostly be in the red

Colours are blue/black, red/white, grey/black or yellow/black. Estimated price is nudging £4000.