Yamaha Niken demo tour dates announced for UK

Desperate for a spin on Yamaha's high-tech new three-wheeler? Here are the European tour dates...

Yamaha Niken

A TEST ride is always a good idea if you're thinking about buying a new bike. But when that new bike is as revolutionary a machine as the 2018 Yamaha Niken, it's pretty much essential.

The good folk at Yamaha know this - so they've set up a massive demo tour around Europe so as many people as possible can have a go on the leaning three-wheelier. The dates have been announced on a new website - and there are three weekend dates for the UK - 20-22nd July, 27-29th July and 3-5th August. It's covering the whole of Europe, from June to October, with dates in 16 countries.

Yamaha says you'll be able to book online for the tour - although it doesn't seem to be accepting bookings right this minute. Keep checking back is our advice!

Here's our original launch report on the Niken.


The look has definitely not grown on me although it would be an interesting sight to see a bunch of these riding down the road together. It's just a shame that there doesn't seem to be a UK MT/Dark side tour this year. Oh, I know, lets blame Brexit - its the cause of everything else... apparently.

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