Yamaha Niken demo tour dates announced for UK

Desperate for a spin on Yamaha's high-tech new three-wheeler? Here are the European tour dates...

Yamaha Niken

A TEST ride is always a good idea if you're thinking about buying a new bike. But when that new bike is as revolutionary a machine as the 2018 Yamaha Niken, it's pretty much essential.

The good folk at Yamaha know this - so they've set up a massive demo tour around Europe so as many people as possible can have a go on the leaning three-wheelier. The dates have been announced on a new website - www.niken-tour.eu and there are three weekend dates for the UK - 20-22nd July, 27-29th July and 3-5th August. It's covering the whole of Europe, from June to October, with dates in 16 countries.

Yamaha says you'll be able to book online for the tour - although it doesn't seem to be accepting bookings right this minute. Keep checking back is our advice!

Here's our original launch report on the Niken.

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