Yamaha launches latest updated two-wheeler electric motor

The new Yamaha PWseries S2 electric is lighter, smaller and more powerful than its predecessor, but does it mean anything for motorcycle fans?

Yamaha PWseries S2 electric motor.

Yamaha is continuing to grow its electric mobility presence, now with a new electric motor. 

Unfortunately, it is not yet ready to make an electric motorcycle, but Yamaha’s latest ‘e-mobility’ offering shows the brand still harbours intentions of growing in the electric sector.

It comes in the shape of a new e-bike motor called the PWseries S2, and it has a maximum torque output of 75Nm, yet a total weight of just 2.85kg. 

That means the PWseries S2 is 16% lighter than its predecessor, and 20% more compact, which is important when attaching to a bicycle frame. 

Of course, e-bike technology is not totally applicable to motorcycles, since e-bikes operate as a sort of hybrid, with the power of the rider’s legs working in combination with the electric motor. 

Hybrid motorcycles are - with few exceptions, including the recently revealed hybrid prototype from Kawasaki - almost discarded as a concept, especially among the major manufacturers. 

But, there can still be carry-overs, from one to the other. Efficiency and packaging of the motor, for example, can be developed from one and carried over to the other, so although the PWseries S2 is strictly for e-bikes, its technology can theoretically be of reference for future Yamaha electric motorcycles and scooters. 

Of course, Yamaha has already launched two electric scooters this year with the NEO’s and E01, but we are still waiting for that first electric motorcycle. Yamaha is not alone in that, of course, but when Kawasaki is reportedly ready to launch its first electric bikes in November this year, perhaps the others - including Yamaha - will need to start injecting their electric programmes with some greater urgency.

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