Yamaha introduces new visual Sport Pack for the YZF-R125

Yamaha has announced  anew Sport Pack for the the R125, with a new tank pad, side sliders and screen amplifying aggressive looks.

Yamaha R125 Sport Pack, studio shot.

Yamaha has launched a Sport Pack for the R125, featuring a series of parts from the Genuine Accessories range for the smallest of Yamaha’s sport bikes. 

The YZF-R125 Sport Pack comes from Yamaha with the intention of making its smallest sports bike a little bit more ‘racier’.

That means Yamaha are bringing several updates to the R125 with this Sport Pack, with a host of Genuine Accessories.

However, almost all of the updates are cosmetic, and do not affect performance. 

To start with, the Sport Pack will feature wheel stickers for both the front and rear rims, as well as a carbon-look tank pad. Additionally, there is a new number plate holder, which “gives a sharper look to [the] tail” according to Yamaha. Then, there are the indicators, which are blacked out in the Sport Pack, which can be summarised, then, by saying that it is a kit to increase the aggression of the bike’s aesthetics. 

However, there are some features of the R125’s Sport Pack which can have a deeper impact. Firstly, the screen is updated to give better aerodynamics, as well as having a smoked tint. Furthermore, while the side-sliders are winglet-esque in their appearance, they can also help to protect the side panels from damage. 

Overall, the Yamaha YZF-R125 Sport Pack is mostly a collection of aesthetic modifications to make your bike look more racey, more sporty, and, who knows, maybe even look a little faster. With the Sport Pack, you aren’t going to be challenging R3s on a track day, or having to adapt your riding to a new level of low-down torque, but if the aggressive, sporty aesthetic is the one you like for your R125, the Sport Pack definitely pushes the bike in that direction.

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