The woman attempting to set an adventure motorcycling world record

Bridget McCutchen was born into a family of motorcyclists. Now she is attempting to go to a new extreme in terms of adventure riding.

Bridget McCutchen. - Two Wheels Round/Bridget McCutchen.

Bridget McCutchen is setting off on a journey to set an adventure motorcycling record by becoming the youngest person to travel the distance of the world. The 22-year-old is from Northern Wisconsin and got her first bike three years back. 

This trip is unlike any other as she must travel a minimum distance of 24,900 miles (40,075km) in order to have circumnavigated the globe.

Before setting off on this challenge McCutchen had a furthest distance ridden of Wisconsin to Washington. This is a 13 hour and 31-minute journey which is an 871.2-mile (1402km) trip. Only a total of 24,028.8 miles (38,673km) less than the distance she must travel to complete the challenge.

Originally a journey of this calibre was not a trip that came to her mind. However, once it was pointed out to her that she would be the youngest rider to circumnavigate the globe on a motorbike the idea kept returning to her. The idea of the trip was suggested to McCutchen by her older brother.

"After a while, I was like, 'why not?' The only reason I didn't think I was going to do it was because I was scared of it," she told CNN Travel. 

"I was telling myself, 'no.' And then I decided to tell myself, 'Yes.' So here we are.

"In a car, you're in a bubble moving through the world," she said, "but on a motorcycle, you are subjected to everything, for better or worse. Sights, smells, sounds. Everything matters to you more.

"You are exposed to everything, and it's so much more engaging. It's more intimate."

The current record is held by 23-year-old Kane Avellano and is currently listed in the Guinness World Record list as the record holder. McCutchen took advice from other riders who had attempted to circumnavigate the globe.

McCutchen set off on her adventure back in August and has been documenting her travels on her Instagram, and has not been tackling this trip alone, as she has met a riding partner, Kiva, who joined Bridget few months ago.

There are other rules that must be followed to make this an official entry to the Guinness World Record list. She must complete the journey on the same motorcycle throughout, she cannot stay in a single location for more than two weeks and she must cross the equator on land at least once on her journey.

Check out more of Bridget McCutchen's round-the-world journey on her website.

Images courtesy of Two Wheels Round/Bridget McCutchen.

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